Dual Slurry Swing Check Valve (DSSCV)

Dual’s Slurry Swing Check Valve operates on the discharge side of the pump as the flow though the pipeline starts or stops. The disc automatically rises and falls, opening and closing the value. This occurs without noticeable shock or hammer, regardless of the line pressure or the speed of closure.

The Dual Slurry Swing Check Valve is particularly well suited for harsh highly abrasive flow control applications in liquid-solid and gas-solid pneumatic conveying services where long valve life and low maintenance are desired.


  • Disc self-adjusts to flow.
  • Long operating life due to the disc out of flow
  • Seals in one direction
  • Seals with zero back pressure
  • Virtually no pressure drop
  • Eliminates pipe hammer
  • Long seat life due to seat out of the process flow
  • Flush ports
  • Drip-tight shut off
  • Full bore design with low friction loss and high flow capacity
  • Virtually maintenance free due to the simple design
  • Replaceable disc (sing wearing part)
  • Various lining options
  • Custom bodies for special applications.



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